50+ Bloggers To Know Now

This is the culmination of the post I wrote, Share Your Blog Here. I have no idea how many bloggers listed their creations here; more than 50, for sure, and I’m so happy to have reached my goal. Thank you!

Some folks could be cross-referenced, but I put them into only one category. If I’ve made a mistake, please do apprise me; I’m expecting to have some problems especially with a project of this magnitude and detail (not whining!).

So, read on, folks, and please do try and visit your peers? I’m eager to meet many of you, and have already begun my journey to visit. Thank you again for participating!


>>  Susan writes at Gemini Universal and is dedicated to feral cats, stray cats and shelter animals.  She also likes to attend charitable events for the local shelters and rescue groups, so you will find follow up commentary about her experiences.


>> Kaarina started blogging just nine months ago, but has had her business for 28 years. She is a business and life coach/strategist, and former Olympic level coach and television sports commentator. She parlayed her skills from the athletic arena to the business world, where she assists people to be the best they can be, in business and in life. She’s on Twitter @kdillabough.


>>Adam Toporek blogs about customer service and the customer experience at the soon to be renamed Intense Fence If anyone has a great customer service story (bad or good) that has some CS lessons, he is open to guest posts.


>>On her Facebook page for Terracom PR, Christine shares green tidbits primarily from and about Chicago. Sometimes they pertain to Terracom clients, many times not. Sustainability and eco are her things. So stop on by for ideas, news and curiosities.


>>Lisa writes a blog called The Sparkle In Her Eye and (you guessed it), it’s about a combination of style inspiration, fashion marketing and small, independent indie designers.

>>I think this blog, Vintage Glam Gods is written by Cathy, but not too certain. Regardless, I went there and saw some fab photos of Florence, one of the most amazing cities in the world.


>>Hansjorg Leichsenring writes a blog in German about banking. He promises there is a Google translation service attached so you can read all about what he has to say. Hansjorg seeks more readers and commenters.


>>Kacem Jlidi writes Kacem 4 Change at a blog which is a cocktail of news from Tunisia, Palestine, the MENA region, and it’s about human rights and Internet freedom. Equally he worked as a social media specialist and IT journalist but he likes to keep this blog to advocate for positive social change and human rights.


>>Jay Pinkert writes Shatterbox a forum to share ideas and tools for legal marketing in the Social Media Age.

>>Bruce Macewen writes at JD Match Views about law student recruiting and law firms.

Life & Happenstance

>> Lori Gosselin writes about life, and she talks about it, dissects it, figures it out and comes to know that even though there is different perspectives and ideas, we’re all in it together! Visit her blog here.

>> Hajra writes here about personal experiences and how life is just a series of sarcastic events. She says the only way we can get across is to complain and move on!

>> Jack Steiner writes at TheJackB, and this is the blog where you learn the answer to every question you ever had but didn’t know. He provides a thorough explanation and education on how to blog, write, talk, cook, read, speak, code, and much more. Read my blog and you will become a better person and your IQ will increase by a minimum of 5 points (7 if you are Canadian) and not only that but God will love you more than he/she/it did before.

>> Al’s “blog” is The CARE Movement — Communicate, Appreciate, Respect, Encourage and try to Influence and Inspire Positive Change.  His main goal is to help improve morale in the workplace.

>> Sanjiva Persad writes random topics, although recently posts on favorite podcasts, thoughts on Google Plus, and sport and music are included.

>> Adam Clarke writes uniquely at Ditto Effect. While he’s not write a blog per se, he’s got a site oriented to guides as well as question and answer topics. He focuses on supporting others and networking with those who love to learn and help others. Not too long ago he started accepting guest posts to help authors get a little more online exposure. He is Canadian and loves connecting with people around the world.


>> Erica Allison blogs at Spot On where she likes to think that what she writes is just that…Spot On. Her topics are mostly about marketing, social media, metrics and ROI of both; branding, small business, and PR. She often throws in a post or two about her kids and she’s friendly to newcomers.

>> Jon Buscall writes a blog for Jontus Media in Sweden. Guarded by basset hounds, stranded in Sweden, blogs (and podcasts) at http://jontusmedia.com about digital marketing, communications and occasionally rather worrying Norwegian pop music. Welcome!

>> Maranda Gibson writes a communications-related blog here where she sometimes talks about different and inventive ways to use her firm’s products and services. For the most part, she offers up public speaking tips, customer service related topics, and tips on writing effectively.

>> Jennifer Devitt writes at SYDCON Web Development and it has no one set topic.  It can cover web, mobile, technology, or current events.  She’s accepting guest bloggers, too. Jennifer works with companies in almost any industry and likes to offer a variety on her blog to showcase people her clients could potentially work with and learn from.

>> Jamie is part of a collaborative B2B marketing blog at Savvy B2B Marketing.

>> Margaret Molloy writes a blog at Posterous on digital marketing.


>> MuMuGB writes at www.FrenchYummyMummy.com Her blog is about being a French Mum living in London and struggling to understand the Brits. (LOL!)

Jamie writes as part of the BabyCenter blogging team and is the primary writer as well as editor at Fans of Being a Mom here.


>> Jenn Whinnem blogs for the Connecticut Health Foundation. It is the largest independent health philanthropy in the Connecticut to improve children’s mental health, health policy/advocacy, oral health, and racial and ethnic health disparities.


>> Kathleen Krueger posts her original poetry at Patchwork Poetry.

>> Adriene blogs about personal items and poetry, and she talks about the writing life, personal observations, societal issues, and more.

Public Relations

>> Mary Barber blogs at Mary’s Garden Party on public relations, social media, communications and what makes a stronger community.

>> Davina Brewer is a blogger at 3 Hats Communications on all things marketing, public relations, social media, and small business. 

>> Ken Jacobs posts  about all things related to advising public relations and related communications agencies; growing business and better managing the business you have; and enhancing staff performance, motivation, communication, and leadership skills.


>> Derek writes a blog about everything related to the real estate industry.


>> Joseph Heidler blogs about roofing, his travels, and life as a small contracting business.

Small Business

>> Tea Silvestre writes The Word Chef which aims to help small biz folks find and share their secret sauce with the world via online marketing strategies. She is a marketing consultant/coach, writer, foodie and has a slight WordPress fetish.   (Uhm, what does that mean?)

>> Justin Brackett launched a new blog at Biz Changerz.

>> Kelly Kautz writes a blog at One Woman Marketing.  It’s about marketing for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs, with a focus on real-life examples and inspiration.

>> Maranda Gibson writes a company blog, a fledgling blog launched in the last few months. It has a wide range of topics from public relations, small business, and some great organizational tips for businesses and personal needs alike.

>> Billy Delaney writes Social Tango and he’s also launching The Small Business Compass.com: a social tool for finding the customers who want the products you sell. He is chief navigator, educator-teacher-learning moderator for small business’s that have no direction, or have lost their directions.

Social Media

>> Ari Herzog explores new and emerging media — less about tools and applications and how-tos but more about analytics and deep thoughts.

>> Neicole Crepeau writes a blog for her firm, Coherent Interactive. The topics she covers are social media, website design and development, and mobile.

>> Mark Harai blogs from Costa Rica (I’m threatening to visit) on the topics of social media, entrepreneurs, and startups.

>> Gini Dietrich is our Queen, and we already know Spin Sucks, and she kindly wanted me to reach my goal of 50 bloggers and thus is participating here (I would’ve added her anyway).

>> Rebekah Bowen started blogging last year at Sociality and it is ramblings about social media sites, philanthropy, social activism, my job\internship, and “stuff she finds that’s cool.”

>> Jason Konopinski, (another King of Snark) blogs about topics including social media trends/tactics/tools, content creation, organizational and change management. A bit of a mixed bag at times, but he tries to stay on topic.

>> Monyelle Mingo writes here and is focused on breaking down social media marketing into chewable pieces and also developing skills to tackle fear evoking challenges.

>> Michelle Quillin writes New England Multimedia’s blog on powerful tips for combining social media, blogging, video and more to build relationships with and get your message out to your online audience. Every now and then they write go-after-your-dreams inspirational posts, or share experiences they’ve learned over the years.


>> If you employ people, read Leon Noone. His special field is helping managers in small medium business to improve the on job performance of their staff without training courses. (Love this guy.)


Carolyn Nicander Mohr writes at The Wonder of Tech and it’s a personal technology blog designed to help explain the developments in personal technology to the everyday person. The blog is written in plain English, no tech jargon or geek speak allowed! If tech is fun and/or useful, she explains it in a user-friendly way.


>> Amber-Lee Dibble writes Alaska Chick’s Blog and is a manager at Pioneer Outfitters in Alaska. She writes about living in the “bush” and a very remote, fly-in area in the mountains of Alaska. The blog provides her way to chat and get to know people in a way never before possible. It allows folks to see inside life in Chisana and what it’s like to live on site of the last historic gold rush and to home-school her children. She writes about the trainees that come to us for Survival & Guide Training and pretty much whatever else comes to mind…especially, grizzly bears!


>> Kathleen Krueger writes a blog with random topics on freelance writing, book reviews, spiritual pondering and random life musing.

>> Erin Feldman writes about the writing life, entrepreneurship, and writing right. Find her here.

>> T. Shakirah Dawud writes at Deliberate Ink and is on Twitter, too. She is a copywriter and editor. She blogs about the usefulness of words and how to use them well in both regular and marketing/sales contexts. She has a regular compulsion to blog about social media as she  sees it happening, and to offer basic marketing tips to business owners.

>> Luke Brown’s budding business is Letters Done Right, and you can find him on Facebook under Luke Brown and his writing services as a retired attorney.

>> Stacey Myers works with authors and gives them ease and freedom in creating an online presence and also the odd newbie getting started online.


OMYgosh…here is the best list evah! Enjoy!