50 Small Business Blogs To Watch: Infusionsoft Infographic

Soulati-Media-logo.jpgThis is the coolest thing since sliced bread! An accolade that needs sharing.

Soulati-‘TUDE! is included as a 50 Small Business  Blogs to Watch! 

Scroll on down this so very well-done infographic from Infusionsoft, and you will find a PR section with mention of this blog in esteemed company with Spin Sucks!


50 Small Business Blogs Inforaphic Infusionsoft 570px 50 Small Business Blogs to Watch [INFOGRAPHIC]
50 Small Business Blogs to Watch by Infusionsoft

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Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen

Hey, you're right next to Dietrich-son, way to go ;)

Seriously, some very heavy hitters here, so congrats!

Under QuickSprout, who is NICK Patel? ;)


@Soulati | Hybrid PR This has been my busiest summer yet in seven years of running my own business. It's also the first summer that has included a few weeks of NO CAMP for my daughter. The results are actually pretty good. She's at an age (9 1/2) where she can amuse herself (under duress, of course), and I think it's been really good for her to experience some unstructured time for a change. 

I'm just wrapping up two big (and whirlwind) projects this week & am keeping my fingers crossed for a lighter work load over the next couple of weeks. Planning a couple days off with my girl and then, the following week (when she's with her dad), a couple days off with my beau. No travel except day trips. Just enjoying days that are work- and agenda-free. Can't wait! 

Hope your #MomInSummer has been a success. 

Almost back-to-school. Yay!!! :) 


@Soulati | Hybrid PR :) I'm not loving the stress part, but I'm grateful for the work (and the $$ that accompanies it), and even MORE grateful for what I hope will be a bit of a breather over the next two weeks. THANK GOODNESS!!! 

Oh - and I can't focus 100% either. Who can?