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You can tweet without a blog; you shouldn’t blog without Twitter, and every blogger needs Triberr.

Oooh, that statement is going to get me in hot water, eh? So many people can’t see the light about Triberr, but have you seen the innovative things happening over there? Triberr is trying to single handedly alter the way we blog, get subscribers, earn traffic and analytics, and so much more.

Most of us were in on the early ground floor when Dino Dogan  and Dan Cristo were accessible with lots of marketing time on their hands to do some fancy  sheep videos with Danny Brown about Klout. Today, Dino and Dan are so famous, they nary have time for us small fry. Kidding. Dino and Dan are still the most accessible chiefs, cooks and bottle washers the blogosphere has ever seen.

I digress.

For those of you bloggers who aren’t on Triberr, think about how hard you work to push out your content. When it’s good content, and you know it, here’s what you have to do:

  • Post to Facebook
  • Post to your Facebook company page unless you’re part of Networked Blogs
  • Post to Google +
  • Post to LinkedIn
  • Post to LinkedIn groups
  • Tweet all day
  • Post to Buffer and Crowdsource
  • Tweet your friends and ask them to stop by to comment

When you have Triberr and belong to a slew of tribes, then your reach is exponential with all the social sharing possible and feasible right from the Triberr platform. And, the cool thing is, when you’re in a tribe with mighty bloggers you get access to their content right away as soon as it publishes.

I was never so glad to be invited to a tribe recently to hob knob with a few big-daddy bloggers I hadn’t been able to bump shoulders with. Once in their tribe, now I can easily comment on their blog after I re-tweet their post from Triberr, and I can come right on back to the Triberr platform and repeat the process as often as I wish with other bloggers.

What Triberr allows is streamlined productivity and each time you head there, new buttons and features and functions are added with that in mind.

Dino and Dan are working on new beta products always – there is a micro-sharing thing that’s interesting and exciting, and there is also atomic Triberr in early beta for testing.

I encourage all bloggers with consistent content to join a tribe. Heck, join mine! I am always seeking some new inspiration in my Globe Spotting tribe where bloggers around the world share posts with others.  I have other tribes I belong to, as well. Need an invite? I have a few bones to spare because Dino asked me to take a survey and the payment was bones – Triberr currency. That was an excellent bribe; took me all of 2 seconds to take the survey.

Confused? Don’t be…it takes a few heartbeats to sign up, and then you reap the benefit of being introduced to new bloggers. You don’t need to automatically share their blog posts — you can select which blog posts you want to push. The thing I love the most is that my favorite bloggers’ posts appear in my Triberr home page, and that’s how I don’t miss anyone.

What’s your thinking? Wanna duke it out? 🙂


Hey Jayme, I am part of one small tribe but haven't spent enough time on this network. Sounds like it's a real benefit to be part of a few or more. I am behind the 8-ball on etiquette so I am not sure if it's ok to request to be part of a tribe or have to wait for an invite. So, I think I sent a request to your Globe Spotting tribe. Huh, wonder it it worked?


Triberr? Nevah heard of it.................


I have joined Triberr some time back but I still don't use it often enough. I need to get active there!

Jason Fonceca
Jason Fonceca

Okay... Jayme... wow.


I'm seriously considering taking the plunge on Triberr. Between yourself, Adrienne Smith, and an AMAZING post I read by Dino about the future of sharing (and why we should dump e-mail subscribers), I'm interested.

New England Multimedia
New England Multimedia

I love Triberr! Thanks so much, Jayme, for enlisting me for @ericamallison 's PR Justice League Tribe, and in doing so, introducing me to such high-level professionals in the B2B space. Triberr has been an incredible boon for our blog's reach beyond our own audience.


You've perfectly described all the time and energy involved in getting a blog post out. Triberr is an amazing performance-enhancing platform for a blog! Curious: Have you ever turned down an invitation to join a Tribe? If so, how did you do it without ruffling feathers?  


Thanks so much for taking the time to write about Triberr, Jayme. How did you dig up that old logo? haha


Middy M
Middy M

Where's the link?  Don't you know I'm lazy?



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