Sara Soulati Recognized As 2016 Woman Of The Year

ALT="Sara Soulati, CEO, Global Cardio Care"Sara Soulati is CEO of Global Cardio Care in Los Angeles. She has been in her field of EECP since 1996 and is one of the world’s foremost authorities.

But that’s really not why I am recognizing her as 2016 Woman of the Year (even though we’re into month two of 2017).

There is no one I know more selfless. She holds the weight of the world on her shoulders and still she saves lives with the Sara Soulati Health for Life Program.

Her lifestyle modification program helps reverse and prevent heart disease. She is a devout vegan and wants everyone with a heart to eat plant-based nutrition.

She launched her company Global Cardio Care in 2002. She developed a protocol using EECP or Enhanced External Counterpulsation that truly is the answer to this country’s health crisis.

Sara Soulati And EECP

Because EECP is an alternative cardiovascular therapy no cardiologist wants to engage with it.

The fact is Sara Soulati planted her business in the very urban center of Los Angeles, formerly Watts. African-Americans in this community with little access to healthcare services are being saved.

Sara Soulati is saving their lives. She works with physicians who deliver EECP and she has her patent pending program that modifies lifestyle.

And, you know what else?

She does this all with love. The fifth element in her Health for Life Program is all about love and support coaching. She stands next to a guest in the EECP bed and squeezes their hand; pats them on the arm and listens to their issues. She lives for Life and they all love her right back. Probably, she gives the greatest hugs of anyone I know.

You see, there’s something so soulful (not to mention it’s our name, you know!) about a woman who nurtures with love in business. It takes someone extremely special to live this mantra every day in spite of the need for business profitability.

ALT="Sara Soulati EECP Method with patient on bed getting EECP"Sara Soulati is an entrepreneurial success, but she belies the traditional business model.

She pioneered her current structure and she continues to invent so she can save more lives.

While her obstacles are very real with a Medicare and insurance system that work against her and physicians who don’t believe in the power of the Sara Soulati EECP Method, she has always had a strong vision forward — to reverse and prevent cardiovascular disease for everyone with a heart.

Support Sara Soulati And Her Vision For Saving Lives

Believe in this woman?

Donate to Health For Peace, a nonprofit dedicated to the Sara Soulati mission to help underprivileged receive non-surgical cardiovascular therapy with education about plant-based nutrition, exercise, better food choices and so much more. You can send me an email should you wish to do that, and I’ll set you up with PayPal directions you can use with your credit card. (

She is the real deal. She is client, cousin, sister, partner, and admired.

Woman of the Year? You bet. I used to recognize women who achieve all the time in this house. Remember Gini Dietrich and Jenn Whinnem. Still achieving and still admired.

ALT="Sara Soulati at Motown The Musical Opening in Los Angeles"Thank you, Sara Soulati, for saving lives for 20 years, for putting life ahead of profit with thousands of hours of free care, and for your generosity of spirit and heart.

You are Sara Soulati, 2016 Woman of the Year. ~Much Love!

IDG Uses Brand Ambassadors To Align Culture To Brand

ALT="brand ambassadors, IDG story, Soulati Media"IDG is a HUUUUGE company; in fact, it states on its website that it is the world’s largest media tech company. That’s nothing to sneeze at, and you know what else? IDG also had a brand culture problem. It was so big that the individual business units were silos. We’ve heard about silos before, right? Apparently, IDG had never hired a chief marketing officer which is highly interesting for such a massive global corporation.

The company decided to relaunch the brand to better inform customers about what else was available throughout the company, and in order to do so, it had to align its brand culture with all internal stakeholders.

The very first step taken by IDG was to research. This is ALWAYS the first step to take to find all of the problems and to then apply strategy to solve them.

Brand Ambassadors Are Employees

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Branding And Helpfulness Begin With Culture

ALT="Helpfulness,"Helpfulness is akin to giving, giving back and paying it forward. When someone deigns to be helpful, they are thinking not first of themselves, but of another who is more in need.

What does that ‘need’ look like? Down and out, a home crushed from a natural disaster, job loss, medical matter, need for information, an elderly person unable to drive for the groceries or change the light bulb, or someone just plain depressed over the loss of a loved one.

There are many reasons why someone needs to receive an act of helpfulness or kindness, but this is not about challenging you to do more of that. Person-to-person helpfulness is simpler to ascertain, isn’t it?

When you put helpfulness into the same discussion with branding, then the understanding is somewhat blurred. Humanity is helpful; is a brand?

Helpfulness is an element of our heart core. Within you as a human, your heart core is a desire to be kind, genuine and helpful. It forms your person, it becomes your personality, and it is visible in your aura. What’s also apparent is whether this helpfulness philosophy is genuine, or not.

Helpfulness in Branding

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BASF Love In Business Campaign

ALT="BASF Ad for Create Chemistry"Is there love in business? BASF, the 150-year-old conglomerate, thinks so.

In my hunt for good podcasting fodder, I was leafing through Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s The Year Ahead 2016 issue. When I landed on a full-page spread by BASF, which I thought made audio and stereo equipment, I came across this tagline:

We create chemistry that makes more power love a cleaner drive.

Eh? I read it again and again and still could not decipher whether it was referring to computer hard drives (as the left vertical image was of a super highway often depicted as the speeding Ethernet), or whether it was the clean fuel as depicted on the right vertical image in the ad. The blue heart conjoining the two images then made me wonder if ‘chemistry’ was the entendre for ‘love.’ [Read more…]

Who Knew Developing Brand Persona Included Bathroom Humor?

ALT="Heart Of Marketing Podcast Logo--Soulati"I’m jumping the gun and skipping ahead to Episode 007 of The Heart Of Marketing podcast (available for download on iTunes) during which John Gregory Olson and I chuckle our way through potty humor while attempting to be serious about developing brand persona.

OMGosh! This episode brought tears to my eyes, well almost…I was just trying to get you to listen…whence I listened to it to prepare my blog post. I can’t stand not to laugh in these podcasts, otherwise I’d fall asleep!

What is Persona?

Everywhere you look, someone is suggesting that persona development is critical for brands. I dive in to three hot resources in Heidi Cohen, Vincent Messina and Tony Zambito who each know a thing or two about buyer persona versus buyer profile. They’re different!

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