The PPC Ad Fail; A Click That Generates No Customers

ALT="PPC Ad, Shower,"Your PPC ad via Google that costs you a fortune? Yep, that one; it’s failing. I have a customer experience to prove it, too, and I bet you can cookie cutter my experience into your business.

My bathroom is under construction; has been for three months for various reasons (my contractor being the primary issue). The last major purchase I will make is the shower door.

One evening, equipped with iPad, I launched a Google search for ‘shower door, Dayton’ and was met with an entire first page of local search PPC ads. This is what Google has done to local search marketing — put all the paid ads in a row on the first page, relegating organic content to the second and third pages.

While it’s maddening for owners of owned content, it is a boondoggle for buyers of a PPC ad campaign, or it’s supposed to be. Here’s what happened and why your PPC ad is failing.

Your PPC Ad Fail

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What Is A Heartful Business?

ALT="Soulati, heartfulness in business"What the heck is a heartful business? I’ve been using it consistently ever since we launched our podcast, The Heart of Marketing. We = John Gregory Olson and moi, in case you didn’t know.

What I love about this word is that it’s always indicated as misspelled on Microsoft Word and the blog posts I write everywhere. This means it’s not a mainstream word and thus isn’t trendy…so let’s create a new trend in the way of thinking, OK?

Let’s be strategic about your business, and let’s have a discussion about what being heartful is all about.

Here goes…

We’ve been running a series on the workplace on The Heart of Marketing podcast. I’m providing the links to our very popular three so far right here. When you click, you’ll get to our website,, and you can listen from there. These discussions between John and I are very popular, and I like talking about workplace culture, too. [Read more…]

Consumer Buying Habits Still Challenge Retailers

ALT="Jayme Soulati Christmas Tree 2015"Consumer buying habits remain a mystery to retailers, apparently.

Yesterday, I was at a holiday party with my tennis groupies in an affluent home with several Christmas trees and many lovely decorations admired by all. The conversation launched into the fact that there were no more cool ornaments in stores, and the selection of holiday decorating accessories is limited.

We talked about Target and Pier One as places to go on the hunt while others preferred to wait until after Christmas for the deals. Wait! We all agreed there are no more after-Christmas deals for decorating goodies; if you see them before Christmas, you have to snap them up. That is so sad. We used to be able to get really cool ornaments and now retailers are not stocking shelves. Who wants to buy ornaments online, anyway? You have to touch them already.
The fact that retailers began to limit holiday selections is not new. I noticed this trend about 2009-2010 during the last recession when no one was buying that stuff. [Read more…]

Tips For #ReturnOnOptimism

ALT="Jayme Soulati, Mini Cooper"In the face of adversity, there is only optimism. In a survey YOU can take by Xerox called #ReturnOnOptimism, it helps you find your return on optimism score so you can work on finding and feeling optimistic in spite of world affairs.

This sponsored post is really intriguing because optimism is a trend right now. Have you noticed that everywhere you read, another story is being written on the topic? What Xerox has done is create a website, with a neat and graphically pleasing quiz to score your optimistic emotions. I’m generally optimistic; however, everyone needs a push now and again. (I share personal tips on how I get through negative vibes below.) Once you find your score, you can stick around the site and find tips and resources the experts suggest on bettering your emotional quotient. It’s pretty cool.

The differentiator for this story, though, is that you can take the quiz to see just how optimistic you are at work. Maybe you need to do a bit of work on boosting the happy vibes?

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Tap Small Business Resources To Improve Success

ALT="Work In Progress, Jayme Soulati"A long time ago, I had an idea for a small-business website. It would be oriented to the backbone of the business, the inside. Much like a blog’s backend, a business has one, too. It’s the toughest thing about being an entrepreneur; yet, it’s the most important.

By now, I’ve been out of the actual formal workforce longer than I’ve been employed inside a company. That trend is happening more and more with the onset of more small businesses vying for self-employment and successful companies. How you ensure that success depends greatly on the resources you tap for the how-to knowledge you need.

I’m going to share a few of those resources in this sponsored post for Cox Blue. It has published a bevy of small-business essentials to keep your SMB growing. I hadn’t known how in-depth Cox Media Group was with its helpfulness for SMBs until I started perusing its site and blog.  Its website functions much like a walking encyclopedia of business resources. You can access any of those right here at Cox Blue. [Read more…]