Does Your Blog Have Spinach In Its Teeth?

Morris Creative

Tell me I have a typo in blog copy. Tell me my sharing plug in is challenging to work with. Show me the errors of my ways in comment systems that are complex. Provide me a hyperlink you’d prefer over the link I published for your blog.

Basically, tell me I have spinach in my teeth, would you?

And, what that means is I’m going to tell you the same. Please take no offense; please don’t kill the messenger; please know I say so with a loving heart so you can put your best face forward.

What these power tribes on Triberr have allowed me is to see several hundred new bloggers for the first time. As I attempt to wend my way around the ‘sphere to comment and share, there are issues with comment systems and sharing plug ins on some blogs.

I’d like you to share my content, and I want to share yours, too. When it’s a bit of a challenge because the blog infrastructure is creating difficulty, then I feel the need to politely share my troubles with the blog owner.

What do you think? Is a bit of ruffled feathers in the spirit of improving our presentation OK with you, or would you rather not know? What’s your preferred method hearing about spinach?

For me, share it in comments on the blog; that way others can echo a sentiment or offer up another comment I can actionalize (Yep! Word coin!)