E-Commerce For The First Time

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My 20 seconds of fame; “Mug in Times Square.” !!

Anyone who reads me knows I share my journey in real time; as it unfolds, I hit the blog to teach and share the trials, tribulations and tips so you don’t need to experience what I do.

I recall when all the new social media channels were launching — Pinterest, Google+ and Empire Avenue to name a few. I waited for peeps the likes of Gini Dietrich, Danny Brown and Mark W. Schaefer to test the waters first before I jumped in. No sense being the earliest adopter when the kinks were truly NOT worked out (especially with Google+).

That’s another good reason why I still have not downloaded iOS 7 on my phone or iPad. Did you know they’re already at iOS7.3 since it launched? Waiting for some more bug fixes to take effect; then I’ll jump over.

I digress.

I’m publishing a book. Its called, “Message Mapping: How to Sizzle External Communications with a #RockHot Tool for Leaders.” This book, my second, will reside on a website (that was the first plan) and be sold through PayPal so I can get rich quick (just kidding).

Testing E-Commerce

I’m testing e-commerce but I didn’t know that; it kind of fell into my lap that way. Let me share:

1. The book will be a pdf for download after someone pays via PayPal and a “Buy Now” button on my site in the sidebar. I called PayPal and they said so.
2. I consulted with HubSpot about how I could capture my leads and get folks to subscribe to my newsletter, Soulati Smart Stuff (see the call to action just above). However, HubSpot and PayPal do not speak or integrate. There is a fix on Zapier.com to solve that, but it’s for tech geeks, and I have no time to deal.
3. I was still going to be manually sending my book to someone after they paid for it; what if I was not near my desktop when a purchase arrived? What if I had irate buyers not getting their product quickly, and what if I got 30 sales in one day and I couldn’t process the orders? OMGosh.
4. I called my colleague who said use Yahoo shopping cart to set up a domain, a payment tool and whatever else right there on my site (or something). OK, that was one solution; however, I’m not sold on Yahoo products and services much at all.
5. Finally, after trying to DIY this thing (as usual) I asked for help sooner than I ever have before (I’m so proud of this). I spoke with Scott Quillin of New England Multimedia who is a man of many hats and someone’s authority I trust. He said…
6. Set up the domain name I own relating to my message mapping e-book, as a landing page only. For that landing page get PayPal Pro and a WooCommerce tool that integrates with WordPress. Host the domain on my reseller account with HostGator.
7. I need to write the landing page with a really convincing approach to why people need to buy my book.


Easy, right?

Let’s talk about the other factors also happening at the same time:

1. I’m still writing my deck for my content track keynote at ConvergeSouth next Friday.
2. The book cover, yet to be designed, and url must be added to the deck so I can debut my book at a conference; the second book to be debuted at two conferences.
3. The book is in design right now; the designer needs to come up with a template, dump my PowerPoint content into another PowerPoint, add art, graphics, and I have to proof the first draft.
4. All of the writing, hosting, design, set up, testing, proofing, approvals, and practice have to be done prior to my departure in eight days.

Piece of cake.

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