Emulate, Collaborate, Create To Drive Blog Success

Look around at the bloggers who influence you. I’m going to bet they post frequently, lead with news you’ve yet to learn, educate you about some tech thing, and generally fuel oodles of comments and engagement.

There’s something else you should take note of, too:

What new collaborative project are these bloggers announcing of late?

Let me illustrate what I’m talking about:

Gini Dietrich

A favorite blogger, author, speaker and friend extraordinaire Gini Dietrich, of Spin Sucks fame, recently announced her collaboration called The Three Things with Howie Goldfarb and Michael Schechter to run one post each Sunday about something that’s new and is meaningful.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown spins more creativity than anyone I’ve ever seen.  Back in the day, 12for12K was his pet project; it’s how I was introduced to him. Since that time, I’ve been privy to his blog changing focus, changing design, and announcing new collaborations.

His latest is For Bloggers By Bloggers, and peeps can jump in there and ask questions of leading bloggers and gain access to just about any topic.  Danny has other blogs, too, with a band of writers. Don’t forget the recent event in Toronto on social media he just put on.  Here’s a post from one of my favorite search marketing experts, Brankica Underwood.

Mark W. Schaefer

Mark Schaefer has two books under his belt, a smashing success with Social Slam (third year upcoming), and a new collaboration with some big names in Jay Baer, Tom Edison, and Jason Falls called The Social Habit.  His Sunday post shows how Mark gets out of his box to interview  the founder of Storify…a channel I need to look into.

The SMB Collective (shameless  plug)

I’d be remiss not sharing my pet project that began with Neicole Crepeau two years ago and engaged a community of small business owners to contribute posts to The SMB Collective. I’m trying desperately to resurrect this wonderful blog (gosh, where is my time), because it’s an outlet for each of us to focus on business issues and share tips.  Let me make this my call to action for you to join me. Submit a post from the archives with links and an image if you choose, and you can earn some link love.


Continuous Creativity 

These are just 3.5 examples of leaders on the ‘sphere who are continually innovating to keep things interesting for themselves, their brand and their community. I could interview them for this piece, but I’m going to do something I rarely like to do, and that’s assume.

Here’s what I think these three blogger leaders are doing:

1. Innovation is a requirement of growth to keep fresh ideas and content in front of an audience and community.

2. With new concepts comes more attention from a wider array of audiences.

3. Without change, the blogging journey would be boring and a community would also get bored.

4. Collaborations help everyone be on top of their game and engage with the smartest minds and close the six degrees of separation forever.


What does that say about your blog:

  • If you’ve been blogging 12 months, it’s time to change it up.
  • Ensure you tweak your design every six months or else the landscaping gets stale.
  • Invite more guest bloggers to write and expand your network beyond just your own writing.
  • Do more video or try podcasting. (When you upgrade your technology, you can do podcasting much easier.)
  • Do Q&A with someone you admire or who has a high level of influence.
  • Add calls to action to the blog to encourage people to subscribe and/or download a study, e-book or something.
  • Always have something in the works. There must be a top-secret project you’re working on to drive your creativity?
  • Start  on a small scale and grow from there; people are in your tribes, in your stream, in your network…ask them to collaborate!

 Think first.

Please do emulate the leaders, but engage on a scale that works for you. With more creative juice flowing, you can also boost mojo that leads to long-term success.

Tender Services
Tender Services

Businesses may also be not-for-profit or state-owned. A business owned by multiple individuals may be referred to as a company, although that term also has a more precise meaning.


Oh, wow. Someone is like spitting all over this post and I don't recognize him!


Somehow I feel like you're writing specially for me. I'm getting the benefit of private consulting at a very good price. Now if I only had a big budget...


I think the 12 months rule is pretty solid. And if you're using WordPress, why not? 

Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR moderator

Oh, wow. Someone is like spitting all over this post and I don't recognize him! Thanks, Oh Secret Knight!


You've laid out a very solid roadmap to getting things done with your blogging relationships. It really is about networking and collaborating with the smartest people you can find.


From what I see, most of the sigificant success on the social web comes from teams of folks who support each other and work together to move mountains.


I like the way you think, miss : ) xoxo




Hey Jayme, you are looking for some posts for your SMB. collective? I have a few from the archives that might work. I am actually taking Cirquedumot in a new direction and wouldn't mind lending you a few to republish. I will give them a bit of a polish and update to boot.


I have tried to collaborate more, but I have to do things in parts. The first is to make sure my blog's SEO is in ship-shape and then I will expand into my other projects. Coming off a redesign and don't want to lose my good will in search because of some error in the code.



To do a lot of what you describe here, you must also read. A ton. Of late, I've been getting a lot of my inspiration from fiction, even though I write about PR and marketing. I know you get a lot of your inspiration from business publications. But the point is, you read. I read. It makes all the difference in the world.


Sumbich, you mean it's actually time to bring something to the table? 


I did listen to Jason's podcast w/ Mr D Brown and one of the things he spoke of was reflecting back but always looking forward to stay fresh and relevant: http://www.jasonkonopinski.com/2012/10/04/riffing-on-writing-episode-10-danny-brown/


I've got some day-job projects that will keep me busy for now so hopefully I don't get my blogging card pulled in the meantime. The most exciting is my youngest son will be coming to work for Lanier Upshaw; we've discussed it quite a bit and it has taken about 2-mos to make it happen but he should be starting sometime this week or next. How's that for change?


Good post and good peeps; thanks for sharing. 

Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes
Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes

Ok, on a serious note I am an advocate of not hanging out in the same places all the time. I mentioned it at Danny's blog because when you don't venture outside of your circle the messages rarely change.

New England Multimedia
New England Multimedia

Great ideas here, Jayme!


About upgrading technology: I just bought an iPhone 4S after dragging my feet for the last year and a half on giving up my cheapo smartphone from WalMart. Scott always has the latest technology and stays cutting-edge, while I'm slower to adopt. So last week, my ages-old Nokia E71 falls headlong into a full cup of coffee, giving Scott a rare opportunity to show me all I was missing with the iPhone. By that afternoon, I was in technology heaven -- and no, he did not use the opportunity to upgrade to the 5, but only because there weren't any in the store! (Although I'm hearing reports that it's buggy?)  


I cannot believe all I've been missing. What a putz. And get this -- I'm saving $10/month on my calling plan. Here I thought I was being frugal. Yeah, frugal to a fault!


Just this one upgrade has opened up so many options. I just might give podcasting a whirl! I'm definitely going to head to the beach for video blogging, and start showing off this beautiful place we live.


Danny Brown
Danny Brown

Hey there miss,


For some reason, I just got the pingback alert on this now - bizarro! :)


Thanks for including me here - it's so true, we need to keep innovating to stay fresh. That can be ideas, design, voice or even just the way we present content (move from text to video or a podcast, for instance). Here's to continued change!


PS - I'm guessing @ginidietrich is the 0.5 example? ;-)

Erin F.
Erin F.

I'm glad you're talking about collaboration, too. It really is important. 


I know we talked about the SMB Collective in the past. Maybe we need to revisit the topic?

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