Give A Little Love; Get A Little (Link Love)

Summer is a time for most moms to scream for help. You’ll see my hashtag frequently: #MomInSummer and others are already on board to feel my pain. There are some moms who love summer; perhaps they don’t run their own business or try to blog three times weekly plus be a mom taxi back and forth to camp.

Because I’m already affected by a serious strain on my time for my blog, I decided to give a little love to my community by compiling a categorical description of bloggers with various bloggers LISTED in each category. That became a spur-of-the-moment blog post, Six Types of Blogging.

My goal was pure; my naiveté embarrassing! I knew that recently I had neglected my community as well as visits to bloggers’ houses to comment. I thought this a good way to accomplish several purposes — give a little, get a little.

Alas. Lists are a no-no for bloggers. In comments, Shonali of Waxing Unlyrical and Shelly Kramer of V3 Marketing each mentioned that lists are a tad offensive due to various and sundry reasons. I didn’t know. The good news is the way I presented the bloggers in the lists was different than just weakly attempting to earn attention; it was a more thoughtful approach oriented to types of writing.

Get A Little

At the same time, when you do put a blog post together with outbound link love, you get some wonderful support in return. In fact, it’s awesome. I was surprised with the number of folks who did, in fact, come on over to share thoughts and ask which category they should be in. That was way cool and felt good because I have been neglectful.

I have to call out Susan Silver  here, too. She suggested a new category of bloggers as curators, and I gave her a triple hmmm on that one. What say you? Is curating blogging? I really want to know!

So, here is my take on lists, based on feedback from doing one this week:

1. Do not just list every blogger you know in a blog post. It comes across smarmy and offensive.

2. If you are going to list a bunch of bloggers in a post, ensure there’s a creative way to do that.

3. Understand that people will see right through you if you are only out to get attention.

4. Meanwhile, if the mood strikes you, test it out!

Yes, no, maybe?