Irony of Dirt, Circles and Perhaps Social Media

Sweeping the garage and emptying the dryer lint trap got me thinking again about the irony of dirt (work with me here) because blogging makes me listen and think differently.

Dirt and circles are constants in our lives (can I draw a correlation to social media?). Let me share how:

  • What you sweep outside rolls back in to be re-swept.
  • The lint you empty flies through air to land again inside.
  • “Everything comes full circle.”
  • “Spheres of influence,” and “What goes around, comes around.”
  • “Let’s circle back and re-visit that one again.”
  • “What’s old is new again.”

Here’s the jump…

The center of the circle in which we in marketing public relations and integrated online and social media are functioning includes daily scurry to learn the latest trend, use it and differentiate. It includes our need to learn and be leaders for those audiences expecting that expertise.

On the outskirts of the circle, however, are clients, colleagues, peers, and end users who are not on board, are confused, and cannot make the jump to the center to ride the wave with us.

Circle back, people. Re-introduce what’s old and make it new again. Dust off campaigns of yore that are familiar and add a social media inside to sweeten the deal. Ensure that basics are included in client deliverables so that all tactics blend.

Not all dirt is dirty. Dig deep into your sphere of influence and make what’s old new again.