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On this blog since its start in March 2010, the topic of blogging has been a favorite of its author, Jayme Soulati. When it became time to look toward business development and making digital marketing a priority, Jayme pulled three years of blog posts about blogging from the archives and fashioned her first book.

Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey by Jayme Soulati is now available for advance sale. The hard-copy easy-to-digest book is 130 pages featuring eight chapters, takeaways, teachings, notes, and #RockHot tips. The blog posts Jayme selected are original and remain live on her blog, Soulati-‘TUDE!

Members of this community are included in the book by name and often by blog post. Anyone featured in original posts remain in the content and thus the book. Where applicable, “Jayme Notes” update the original content.

Why Write a Blogging Book

The impetus for the book came from the desire to craft an e-book as content for business development. Upon seeing the plethora of posts Jayme wrote about her own blogging journey, she knew it had to be a true, printed book.

When bloggers launch their journey into blogging, there is intense pressure to be successful right away. So many books on the topic are oriented to monetizing a blog; this book is not about that. Jayme shares true passion for blogging with tips about the basics — voice, community, content, inspiration, the echo chamber, and the back end. The book is easy to read and written in her always personable style.

A blog is one of the most important aspects of social media. It is owned media — you write and control and own the message. Putting people on the right path to becoming an authority and influencer begins with a blog that resonates with authority and influence.


Jayme selected a regional press to assist in her publishing experience, one that did much of the legwork she didn’t wish to do. David Braughler of Greyden Press in Dayton/Cincinnati was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the self-publishing experience.

She used the free book template from Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch to put her manuscript into layout. When Guy and Shawn wrote and published APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, they invited people to download their template in exchange for a tweet on the book.

The book is available for purchase now, and Jayme invites your feedback, comments and review of her first title in a business book series.

Who Should Buy

One of the frequently mentioned tips Jayme offers in Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey is to stay the course for 12 months before making changes.

She recommends that these folks consider getting a copy:

  • Anyone interested or planning to blog
  • Anyone on the blogging journey less than 12 months
  • Any blogger writing more than 12 months
  • Any corporate blogger wanting a few tips to infuse energy in a blog
  • Students and friends

Buy Writing with Verve on the Blogging Journey here!




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