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Your Authority and Leadership Position Are My First Priorities

To grow your business, let me help you streamline your business message so you can communicate with authority and a strengthened leadership position.

I Identify With Your Business Challenges

Every business is struggling to keep pace with rapid change and category disruption.
I know better than most about your pain points because I’m a business owner, too!

I bring 30+ years as an expert changeling morphing in public relations with the rapid technology shifts. The insights I’ve earned directly benefit your business, too! As a voracious reader to pinpoint fodder for my professional blogs, I strive to stay in front of market change.

I deliver highly strategic and results-driven client services:

Message Mapping

Message Mapping. Every company needs a message map to build authority and strengthen leadership position. I am a message mapping master who brings strategic market insight to build your company story. With 30+ message mapping sessions and intensives as a track record, I listen to build your company story word by word to amplify your authority and position.

Public Relations

Public Relations. I am a proud agency brat — born and raised in Chicago’s PR firms. While there in my fave city in the world, I was also president of the Publicity Club of Chicago in 1993. The training in this world-class city prepared me to tackle business challenges for blue-chip corporations to mid-tier and small business. I loved the excitement of the problem and the resulting strategy. This hasn’t changed since 1984 when I got my start. Public relations is my core service and it fuels my expertise across the marketing spectrum.

Professional Writing

Professional Writing. I am an award-winning professional blogger. The blog right here was launched in March 2010, and I now get to write for a variety of blogs and companies. As a brand influencer, I write for hire and promote products and campaigns I believe in. Beyond blogging, there is so much more writing I do. That includes all PR and marketing materials including news releases, brochures, websites, case studies, feature stories, bylines, and more. The best example of writing for a breadth of companies is my news release sample page. You can get a sense of the clients I work with and have worked with here. Other samples are easily shared, please just ask!

Content Marketing and Influencer Relations

Content Marketing and Influencer Relations. Have you heard the buzzwords — owned media, earned media and paid media? Your company owns its words, and you share that content in “owned media” like a blog or news release. Content marketing is all about the strategy behind promotion of owned media. It’s not just about blogging, although blogging is a big part.

Before I work with you to build a content marketing strategy, I recommend a message map. This becomes the foundation for how you position your brand. I love content marketing because it’s really like putting your best feet forward in new shoes!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing has transitioned to the customer. The customer is in charge, and our job together is to meet them at the door with a big welcome sign! What we get to do together is look at what your customer wants and then feed it to them in authentic and authoritative words.

I’m a self-professed Twitter-holic. I have been on Twitter non-stop since 2009, and while it’s changed a lot, it is still a great channel to engage. Have you done Google+ Hangouts On Air? I love this medium, too. It’s like having your own talk show which is so much fun! Facebook continues to throw curve balls, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. It’s still an exciting time, and we should hit the channels together to identify the best way to position your company.

Media Relations

Media Relations Remember the buzzwords in the Content Marketing section? “Earned media” is still the holy grail companies want. Because I’ve been doing media relations since 1984, I know how it works and what it takes. While the media are changing with the social media times, the process of sleuthing the news hasn’t. To get full attention for your company story, we have to dig up the right elements. I know what these are from working the phones for 30+ years. Do you think you have a story? Let me hear it, and I’ll tell you if I agree!.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing. No matter how clear your messaging is, you need to ensure you’ve got marketing strategy and tactics in place to succeed online. Jayme partners with marketing agency JontusMedia to deliver custom digital marketing solutions. Whether you’re looking to improve conversion with dedicated landing pages, marketing online more effectively with a stunning website or even introduce a podcast into your marketing mix, Jayme and JontusMedia can together help you take your online marketing to the next level and beyond.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing. With our second-tier partners, we build responsive websites with search marketing built in. Need a pay-per-click campaign? We align with experts who deliver on that, too.
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We listen, exchange ideas, execute, measure, and tweak as we go and grow.