Should Video Be Like A Nude Beach?

First, let’s get right down to that SEO-filled teaser header…my friend, TheJackB, is one of the biggest teasers with his blog headlines. He makes sexual innuendos all the time or quotes big data, just to lure folks in. Then, there’s the lament about the folks lured in who mean nothing to his blog or his business. So, let’s see how busy I can make Get Clicky today and tomorrow with “nude beach” in my headline! Gee, does anyone need message mapping? Heh.

Second, let’s get right on down to the crux of the matter – ahem, hi, up here now! Thanks, we’re talking about video production!


Apparently, there are few video producers among us; moi included (you already guessed, right?)  I love my new series I launched at Social Slam called Soulati Media On The Street. It’s a series of serendipitous (to use a word from my pal, Jason Konopinski) and spontaneous (aren’t those words the same?) two-minute spots with peeps from the street. No planning, no advance prep, just click and roll. And, as Davina Brewer will tell you; “I’ve got technical issues.”

Nope! It’s just raw, like a nude beach (there’s your tie in.)

Yesterday, I did a video in the raw (go see if I was naked we’ll wait for two minutes). When I do these, inspired spontaneously, I don’t have proper lighting – you can see those gaffes in early attempts to launch this medium; my camera is merely my iPad and not the iPhone 4S yet; and I am unscripted and unplugged. I jotted an outline yesterday, but what you saw was one take flying by my hair (you need to watch it to understand what that means!).

And, in comments a lovely gentleman, John Murphy, said he liked my au naturel (like a nude beach) video because it says a lot about me. (Thank you, John!) Now, I’m yearning to be less naked and more attired; perhaps the new Big Mac (affectionately so named upon first reference) will help me get there, and I’m learning about iMovie, QuickTime, Photo Booth, and what the heck else?

But, should our vlogs be major’ish productions? Or, can they be au naturel like a nude beach?