Six Types of Blogging

What type of blogger are you? What do you write about the majority of the time? Here’s what I’ve noticed in the circles I’m in; perhaps you comfortably conform or you’re more of a mashup writer, like me.

  •  Blogger Teaches Blogger. This person continually tries to help other bloggers out of the conundrum that is blogging. It’s not always a conundrum, but it takes a lot of work. We who have been at it more than a  year know and often try to teach new bloggers the ins and outs. You can often find teachings at these blogs Pushing Social and Blue Kite Marketing. Brankica Underwood is a rock star; #ThatIsAll.
  • Family, life and happenstance. To always write about these topics the majority of the time means opening yourself up for peer commentary, feedback, support, ah-hah, and opinion. You can find this style of writing at The Jack B, Kaarina Dillabough, Stan Faryna, and Bill Dorman houses.
  • Tips and Counsel. Danny Brown has been morphing his blog the entire time I have read him. Today, he’s back to tips and counsel with some solid experience as proof points.  Mark Harai is oriented to business and entrepreneurship. Jon Buscall and Mark W. Schaefer at {grow} shares highly relevant topics every day on just about anything relating to social marketing.
  • Mash Up. Well, I’m putting myself in this category. What strikes me in the moment (typically with a current events twist) is usually what you get. News of the day often gets me all axed up to write, especially when I have an opinion to expound. Then, I sprinkle in a little of this and a little of that. Not the most focused solution, but it works for me!

The big question is not what are you going to write about, but who is it for? Are you attracting folks to your blog you know you need? Is your writing matching up to the goals for your blog? Uhmm, do you have goals?

Who did I miss above? Add your blog here and the category you typically write under!