Social Media 2012 Woman Of The Year–Jenn Whinnem

Annually, I like to anoint a social media person of the year from the Soulati Media community who has impressed me every day and week of the year with social media aptitude, engagement and professionalism.

Jenn Whinnem is that person and my pick as 2012 Social Media Woman of the Year following in the footsteps of Gini Dietrich in 2011.

Jenn lends in-depth expertise to any discussion raging in comments; sometimes she’s supportive and other times she’s the antagonist, going against the grain of conversation with intense opinion based on factual engagement.

She is a woman on a mission and her personal conviction often leads to heated discussion and eventual consensus; she is that convincing. I appreciate her from the sidelines, and I appreciate her when I’m in the throes of conversation with her.

She lends quirky knowledge no one else I know offers up, and she is quick to support anyone who needs a helping hand, a hug or is in the dumps. I have had the privilege of meeting Jenn IRL, and she is as beautiful in person as she is in her avatar (which she is continually changing).

A lover of cats, recently married and a woman who sprouts the most amazing shoes and zany ass tights, Jenn is also one of the most respected writers and grammarians I’ve seen. She can write an op-ed piece that makes naysayers think twice about staying on the other side, and she does so with conviction.

I’ve watched her blossom in 2012 overcoming obstacles by skirting them and chalking up professional accomplishments more than most people do in a five year’s time. She makes this blog home whenever she wishes, and I relish when she runs a guest post here as the topic is never an echo. Of late, you can see her work on Bloggers Unite! supporting Sandy Hook/Newtown and the communities in Connecticut via her work with a health foundation there.

Congratulations, Jenn, for sticking with social media engagement when many have disappeared. Congratulations for growing as a professional unafraid to question the status quo or make others think a bit differently.

I look forward to seeing what comes in 2013. I endorse you, recommend you and encourage you wherever the pathway takes you.

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