Soulati Media On The Street: Brian Vickery, Mantis Technology

This snippet makes me laugh every time I see it; maybe the number of views on Soulati Media’s YouTube channel are all mine? See what you think…introducing today Brian Vickery of Mantis Technology in Denver. Brian journeyed a long distance to Social Slam 2012 in Knoxville to meet all of us; including the infamous Margie Clayman of Clayman Advertising. Watch closely, you may get a glimpse of her!

Brian lets us know his company just launched a social media tool called…shoot, the audio stunk right there, Brian. Is it called Pulse Analytics? I hope you come over and clarify more about your new product and let us all know in comments what it does. Meanwhile, I’m heading over to Mantis to provide a few links for anyone who wants to dig deeper.

Please excuse the shameless plugs throughout, but isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Take it away, Brian!