Soulati Media On The Street: Brian Vickery, Mantis Technology

This snippet makes me laugh every time I see it; maybe the number of views on Soulati Media’s YouTube channel are all mine? See what you think…introducing today Brian Vickery of Mantis Technology in Denver. Brian journeyed a long distance to Social Slam 2012 in Knoxville to meet all of us; including the infamous Margie Clayman of Clayman Advertising. Watch closely, you may get a glimpse of her!

Brian lets us know his company just launched a social media tool called…shoot, the audio stunk right there, Brian. Is it called Pulse Analytics? I hope you come over and clarify more about your new product and let us all know in comments what it does. Meanwhile, I’m heading over to Mantis to provide a few links for anyone who wants to dig deeper.

Please excuse the shameless plugs throughout, but isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Take it away, Brian!


Jayme, I thought you were ingenious with these (Wo)man on the Street videos throughout Social Slam. You also caught the very elusive Margie Clayman on video - might take the super-slo-mo setting to really see her flit through the frames.


Regarding Mantis Pulse Analytics, thanks for asking...Pulse is an enterprise class social media monitoring solution. People are already talking about you and your brand - time to find out what they are saying...wherever they are saying it. Pulse will also measure sentiment as well as allow you to correlate with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and your marketing campaign calendar. All of that on one page! Of course, finding the conversations is only half the equation. Then it is time to engage the people where they want to be engaged, and Pulse helps with that, also.


If anyone wants to see a demo, I can do a canned one - or do a demo using their company's data with just a couple days advanced notice. Pretty compelling (and easy to use) stuff!


Carrying my tennis racquets to Social Slam in 2013, Jayme!

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 @dbvickery Oh, cool! I played yesterday with @Deb Dobson and, ahem, I won. Because she never comments here, I get to tell you the score (6-1/6-2). I think that'll bring her over, won't it?


I want a canned demo, please! You never know, I just might do a review of your product. Yes, that @MargieClayman is a good flitter.


Let's see if she flits on by to see her cameo. I think I'll properly introduce her this week, as well!  Thanks for playing, Brian!