Soulati Media On The Street: Davina Brewer of 3 Hats Comm

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Queen D, aka Davina Brewer of 3 Hats Communications fame, in April in Knoxville at Social Slam. In years past, she was the most prolific of commenters gracing our communities with rambunctious, text-driven jargon the likes of no one else. I was delighted and anticipatory of what her IRL self would be; she did not disappoint. As soon as she walked up the stairs I slammed her with a huge bear hug because I was so delighted to finally see her after all of our banter.

Now, let me assure you, she’s a consummate PR professional; founder of 3 Hats Communication (I’ve tried to inquire about that branding and she’s adamant it’s a true fit for what she delivers although I know it’s got to be like 6 hats.)

I snagged her after lunch and invited a spur-of-the-moment chat with Soulati Media (that’s moi) about small business and social media. Take a look; this woman knows her stuff. Watch for what she says about top-down buy-in; do you agree?