Soulati Media On The Street With Jenn Whinnem

The last in the series of Social Slam 2012 videos is here, front and center, with Jenn Whinnem, a member of this community and a full-timer at the Connecticut Health Foundation where she indulges in social media. Listen closely (my iPhone 4S was too far from her soft-spokenness) and she’ll inform you about how she made the transition from being on Twitter for personal branding to being on the Interwebz for business and her company.

The foundation she works for has different objectives than a pure not-for-profit; objectives about fund-raising are not what most in the non-profit sector are accustomed to. Jenn’s been writing a bunch to share that information with folks about her foundation; you can see her thoughts more here and here. So, tune in for a few minutes, and listen close!