Soulati Media On The Street With Amy Howell, Howell Marketing


Amy Howell of Howell Marketing w/ Jayme Soulati of Soulati Media

There’s a kindred spirit I have with this woman, Amy Howell, president of Howell Marketing. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting IRL three times, each at Social Slam, and this year I grabbed her to shoot this two-minute piece for Soulati Media On The Street (in spite of my technical difficulties).

Amy is the proud new author with cohort in “crime,” Anne Deeter Gallaher (with whom I sat on a panel at the first Social Slam), of Women In High Gear, A Guide for Entrepreneurs, On-Rampers and Aspiring Executives. The book came out at Social Slam, and the ladies gave anyone interested a copy.

In this piece below, you’ll note the time they took to write their book. In reviewing my copy, I know why. It is chock full of quotes, testimonials, research and readings which all prove their collective point — showing the path for women who excel in high gear.

Their stories, with some differences, mirror mine; I can connect my dots to theirs along the journey from childhood, college, career, mom/working mom, entrepreneur, and personal brander.

Below, Amy Howell shares more on her book, and I encourage you to connect directly on Women In High Gear on Facebook, buy the book here, or find Amy Howell @HowellMarketing to reach out directly. Like all good PR professionals, Amy and Anne are accessible on all the channels.

Enjoy Amy; I did and do.

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Soulati Media On The Street With Jenn Whinnem

The last in the series of Social Slam 2012 videos is here, front and center, with Jenn Whinnem, a member of this community and a full-timer at the Connecticut Health Foundation where she indulges in social media. Listen closely (my iPhone 4S was too far from her soft-spokenness) and she’ll inform you about how she made the transition from being on Twitter for personal branding to being on the Interwebz for business and her company.

The foundation she works for has different objectives than a pure not-for-profit; objectives about fund-raising are not what most in the non-profit sector are accustomed to. Jenn’s been writing a bunch to share that information with folks about her foundation; you can see her thoughts more here and here. So, tune in for a few minutes, and listen close!

Soulati Media On The Street: Davina Brewer of 3 Hats Comm

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Queen D, aka Davina Brewer of 3 Hats Communications fame, in April in Knoxville at Social Slam. In years past, she was the most prolific of commenters gracing our communities with rambunctious, text-driven jargon the likes of no one else. I was delighted and anticipatory of what her IRL self would be; she did not disappoint. As soon as she walked up the stairs I slammed her with a huge bear hug because I was so delighted to finally see her after all of our banter.

Now, let me assure you, she’s a consummate PR professional; founder of 3 Hats Communication (I’ve tried to inquire about that branding and she’s adamant it’s a true fit for what she delivers although I know it’s got to be like 6 hats.)

I snagged her after lunch and invited a spur-of-the-moment chat with Soulati Media (that’s moi) about small business and social media. Take a look; this woman knows her stuff. Watch for what she says about top-down buy-in; do you agree?


Soulati Media On The Street: Laura Click of Fly Blue Kite Marketing

Oh, how I love being behind the camera, even if it is an iPhone 4S. This snazzy little gizmo takes good video with awesome sound quality, too. Here in another installment of Soulati Media On The Street,  you have the privilege of meeting Ms. Laura Click of Fly Blue Kite Marketing. She comes to you direct and front and center from Social Slam 2012, the premier event we all just attended IRL (that’s in real life, in case you’re a noob like me).

Laura informs us of ALL her secret and fave channels on the Interwebz…watch for one little brief minute, and you’ll see where she spends most of her time. Thanks for playing, Laura!

Soulati Media On The Street: Brian Vickery, Mantis Technology

This snippet makes me laugh every time I see it; maybe the number of views on Soulati Media’s YouTube channel are all mine? See what you think…introducing today Brian Vickery of Mantis Technology in Denver. Brian journeyed a long distance to Social Slam 2012 in Knoxville to meet all of us; including the infamous Margie Clayman of Clayman Advertising. Watch closely, you may get a glimpse of her!

Brian lets us know his company just launched a social media tool called…shoot, the audio stunk right there, Brian. Is it called Pulse Analytics? I hope you come over and clarify more about your new product and let us all know in comments what it does. Meanwhile, I’m heading over to Mantis to provide a few links for anyone who wants to dig deeper.

Please excuse the shameless plugs throughout, but isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? Take it away, Brian!