Thank You Louisville Plus Savvier Social Media SlideShare

Jayme-Soulati-presenting.jpgThe hospitality of the Louisville IABC chapter and the Louisville Digital Association knows no bounds.

At its 5th Marketing Summit, where I presented, the day was packed with a breadth of topics and the widest array of speakers I’ve seen at a day conference.

Jason Falls, Mr. Social Media Explorer and Café Press, was emcee and earns credit for pulling in presenters the likes of:

  • Gini Dietrich speaking on Marketing in the Round from Chicago
  • Heather Whaling, Geben Communication, sharing PR on the bleeding edge and she’s rockin’ it from Columbus, Ohio
  • David Knox, CMO of Rock Fish and with the Brandery, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Jayme Soulati, on Savvier Social Media Across the Marketing Blend, from Dayton, Ohio
  • David Coomer who shared his campaign called Beardvertising (pretty funny)

And others from the region who spoke from public utilities, about retargeting campaigns and more.

Savvier Social Media

Although I whined for four weeks that Jason assigned me the toughest topic – how social media integrates across all the marketing disciplines, the presentation rocked, and it was probably due to the fact that I had a row of hecklers (ahem, Gini Dietrich, Heather Whaling and Deborah) in the front row (not to mention my new laser pointer which reached all the way to the back of the room and spotlighted people who were too engrossed in their devices).

Thanks to Fashionbi, the Milan startup covering global fashion brands, for #RockHot analytics for my deck.

Thanks for Trackur for agreeing to “sponsor” my presentation with the first-ever advertisement in a PowerPoint deck.

Thanks to J. Crew for being the crux of the presentation with a case study on its very savvy social media, although they didn’t know it.

Thanks to the audience for letting me entertain while provoking the main goal – think differently about social media.

Find My Deck On SlideShare

This is my first official upload of a SlideShare deck. I’ve always shied away from sharing my prezzies.

To my surprise and utter delight, there are already 128 views in less than 24 hours. #RockHot!

What’s interesting is that a deck can have the best pictures, but it’s truly all in the delivery.

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