Thanks For Listening, PRSA

I have been a vocal blogger detractor as soon as I saw the three definitions recently revealed by PRSA as a result of its  Public Relations Defined project. I’ve not been the only one. The blogosphere has been a hotbed of dissension, and PRSA was doing its level best to disperse task force members to respond and issue guest posts on the most important blogs with the largest communities.

Blog posts have been written by Gini Dietrich, Frank Strong, Paul Roberts, Brian B Wagner, Anthony Rodriguez, Chris Nahil, Ken Mueller, Krista Giuffi, PR Daily and so many, many more. I never saw anyone supporting the three definitions during this process.

Today, just a bit ago (that’s the beauty of blogging!), a comment from PRSA was posted on Spin Sucks where PRSA had guest posted and the community erupted in anti-sentiment.

PRSA has read, contemplated, heard, listened, and its response is right here by Arthur Yann extracted from Spin Sucks:

We know our Public Relations Defined project has caused angst and even some indignation among communication professionals. We tried to approach the project with fresh thinking, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. But, that’s how innovation happens, and how we learn to do better in the future.

We’ve read the articles, blog posts and comments like these, which have made it clear to us the discussion mustn’t stop with the vote on three candidate definitions that currently exist. PRSA is going to keep its Public Relations Defined blog up after the winning definition is announced, with the hope that we can continue to engage professionals, including those who’ve commented in this forum and elsewhere, in a discussion about the definition of public relations.

Consider this your invitation and your opportunity to come up with something better. We’ll provide any and all data from the first go-round. Our minds are open. If we can collectively move closer to a consensus definition of public relations, PRSA will support it. You can read more about our plans for moving forward here:

I’ve already voiced my support at Spin Sucks in comments, as this comment from Arthur Yann was directed at me and my peers. I support this effort to keep the conversation going. I encourage each of us who expressed anti-remarks to keep this project front and center and participate.

Because of the collective voices  and INFLUENCE on all our blogs and comments, we have been heard. This is the fix that will hopefully lead to furthered discussion with everyone participating to reach better consensus on  how we define PR.

Thanks for listening, PRSA. I applaud.