The Elephant is Not a Republican, Congress

The elephant in the room is not a Republican. It’s the debt ceiling fiasco and our illustrious congress (that’s sarcasm should you not recognize it).

I read a rant piece in Social Media Insider by Catherine P. Taylor “C’mon People, Is #f*ckyouwashington The Best We Can Do?” She also references Jeff Jarvis and his #f___youwashington hashtag and blog post rant about our government.

Ms. @cpealet complained that social media is not doing enough to fight for what Americans want — a balanced budget and the cease and desist of the infighting across the aisles and party lines. (At least that’s what I want along with a few more things.)

Instead of commenting on the blog, I looked her up on Twitter and suggested the reason no one was addressing this in social media is because it’s the elephant in the room. I don’t know anyone who shares their political leanings, and if they do, they’re tweeting from another account.

Then another tweep piped up @Votetocracy who asked for my clarification and suggested that people would tweet their opinions about abortion and taxes, and I vehemently said, “No way! People must remain neutral; it’s critical because it’s heated discussion.”

I do feel helpless. I’m upset, and I’m angry that Congress is not working together to honor the debt we owe other nations. I’m worried my parents’ social security will not get paid, and I’m worried my portfolio will nose dive again.

But, you don’t see me or anyone else in my circles talking about this situation. My opinion about why we’re not is because everyone has an opinion, and it clouds conversation. It gets in the way of common ground, and it’s unsafe. People form judgments about others based on political leanings. Back in the early days in PR, we knew that if we represented government or politicians we’d be forever labeled in a narrow niche and so we all avoided it.

If I was squarely on a campaign or working for a political party or government body, then I’d for sure be representing the cause. But, when I’m a tax payer struggling through the seriousness that is our economy and there’s no end in sight, I point fingers at all politicians regardless of political label.

As an American, I’m sick of this charade. I’m sick of the waste and the spending, and I’m sick of the threat of terrorism. I’m sick of the crimes we sling on each other, and I’m sick about the lack of courtesy and respect.

What can I do to solve these things? I can be accountable to my own standards, morals and ethics. I can be a better person. I can right the wrongs I’ve made due to bad choices, and I can rise above the squabbling as best I can. I can turn off the news and not become entrenched with all the stealing in corporate America, and I can work harder to ensure my future is secure (although that’s a long shot because I don’t believe that for a heart beat).

I don’t know…why don’t we express more about this situation on our blogs and send them off to representatives? Should we all take one day to blog about this and complain and then bombard Congress with our blog posts and dismay over the fighting?

Helplessness. That’s the word of the week. It sucks.