The Happy Friday Series: Everyone’s Happy!

kidsfaceHappiness is pervasive; everywhere you look and listen, someone is talking about studies on happiness at academic levels, about books they’re reading, about happiness jars they’re creating, and the love they have for their fellow man.

I applaud them all. We need more positive spirit and positive mental attitude and smiles and giggles and belly laughs to endure the constant stream of negativity, backlash and strife in this entire world.

Peggy Fitzpatrick is one of the happiest women I know; every day, her avatar greets us with that infectious wide grin complete with a sprinkling of stars in various colors behind her head. Her posts are always positive, always supportive, always full of love, and generosity. Her spirit is so alive, and she leads the 12Most.Com community with Paul Biedermann. Run to her blog and Facebook community or Twitter to see what I mean.

Happiness jars are being crafted all over and posted online. Do you know why? Because we need to share the good things we’re thankful for and recognize what makes us laugh and smile every day.

Did you know laughter is the best medicine? Not kidding; that tired old cliché is tried and true – laughter indeed makes the heart healthier. And, it releases the negative acids and endorphins and hormones into the sky leaving you with a rosy feeling and a spritely step.

On Fridays, please hold me to it, we’re going to find GOOD news that brings a smile to your psyche. Maybe it will make you happy, or maybe it will send away a negative thought, or two.

And, to make this really work, I’d like your help…here’s how:

  1. Guest Post here on a Friday about happiness, good mental energy, spiritual positiveness (yep, word coin), laughs, or whatever tickles you. I don’t mind if you have no blog of your own and want to get your feet wet. Send me 400 words if you don’t know what to write; we’ll get a story going.
  2. Share in comments something you saw or read that makes you or made you happy. I’ll cover it here.
  3. Send me links to happy stuff, and I’ll sprinkle them in the channels.
  4. Join my Bloggers Unite! Community on Google+ — we’re nearing 90 members and growing. It’s where we lend some levity to our seriousness with banter, XO and LOL. Knowing that Alaska Chick Blog of Pioneer Outfitters (yes, it’s Amber-Lee Dibble) is my co-moderator should bring a smile right off.

What think? Join me in our collective pursuit of happiness, would you? All writers and stories welcome. You will smile; that’s the goal.

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