To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

I’ve been having an argument with myself whether to launch a business Facebook page. I held out all of 2010, and slowly my blog post links began to get shared on Facebook personal along with business answers. Not sure my old pals from grade school really care what I’m writing about; they just want to see updated pictures.

Today’s Advertising Age, newly arrived via post, sealed the deal for me, and here’s why:

Ad Age did a preview of the year ahead in digital marketing; in the “Social Media” section it was all about Facebook. The editors wrote:

  • Digital lives are more complex with “the myriad tools, apps, platforms competing for time, attention, and dollars, but 2011 is the year it gets simpler. Only one really matters – Facebook.”
  • The review said Facebook “is truly global and now has in place the tools to be a partner the way brands had long hoped it could be.
  • It has nearly 600 million members and is still growing rapidly; it’s the largest photo site and largest mobile property.
  • The company has all its ducks in a row: management, a sales team and automated buying platform (plus a deal with Goldman Sachs).”

Others have been encouraging me to take the plunge – heck, what’s another platform to maintain along with two blogs and an active Twitter presence? Stay tuned for Facebook — Soulati Media style.

Meanwhile, did you tap a favorite resource to launch your Facebook page?