Triberr Meets Influence

ALT="Influence on Triberr, a tribe image, Soulati Media"We’re in the post social media adoption phase. Guess what? We’re also in the post Triberr adoption phase, too. If you’re a blogger and you’re not engaged on Triberr, well, you kinda missed the train; it left. (Kidding, there’s still time to jump on!)

Influence is a hot button. Many of us on the ‘sphere who have been blogging for more than two years were around with the launch of Triberr, and, boy, did the sparks fly with anti-sentiment. Perhaps DannyBrown will come back and join the tribes again? He was one who withdrew. Erica Allison said, no, then she said yes; hmm, I think that’s a flip-flop, right John Kerry?

Seriously, though, the inspiration for this post came directly from the horse himself. I spoke awhile with Triberr founder Dino Dogan yesterday. Dino and Dan Cristo and the gang are hosting TribeUp NYC in September, and the passion for that project is us. Yes, we bloggers who belong to tribes on Triberr. While I don’t know  Triberr’s mission statement, it’s pretty simple to say it’s all about being a resource for bloggers globally; to deliver tools and resources to take blogging to new heights and bring those of us who toil daily to keep our blogs alive along for the ride.

How To Get on The Influence Radar

In that highly strategic chat yesterday, I got to brainstorming with Dino (Adam Toporek has been a victim of my free think when he was renaming his new blog, Customers That Stick) about what I needed as a blogger after 2.5 years of making this space sing and building community.

  • Joining a tribe is no longer enough.
  • I need to see who’s going to be in that tribe.
  • I need to see who’s influential and how big their community is and whether they might nurture my blog posts with a re-tweet on a weekly basis.
  • I want to re-tweet posts that are dynamic and not amplifying the echo chamber with bloggers who have clout, not Klout per se.

When I’m invited to a tribe, I need to also know that the tribemaker is being strategic about its creation and has thought about aligning topical influence, Twitter communities that #RockHot, bloggers with comment sections that are exciting and fulfilling, topics I can mull over and consider as topics of my own, and inspiration that makes me want to visit and comment.

All of these things are the stuff of spur of the moment conversation; I hadn’t been thinking like that nor would I have if Dino hadn’t reached out to engage.

What’s that say?

No one is picking up the phone any more! Look what happened in a 20-minute conversation…I filled Dino’s ear with a lot of food for thought, and I earned myself a decent topic for a blog post that is sure to launch some healthy conversation; I guarantee.

So, Triberrs, what do you think? If you’re not getting enough out of your Tribe, buy some bones and create one of your own; it will only help with your influence.





Jayme, you really made me rethink how I was handling my connections. You make excellent points online and off. I am still in deep think over my goals for the future. I know that Triberr is part of that and I wish that I could go to NYC for the meetup.


Maybe we should get Dino and Dan to do a live stream from the event. Supposedly there is a big announcement involved.


I love Triberr! Thank you for inviting me to it and yes, I am planning to have a tribe of my own and use it more. 


Thank you!

Jason Fonceca
Jason Fonceca

I love your passion for Triberr, Jayme :)


And.. Okay, so I'm finally on Triberr, and part of my first Tribe (Andi-Roo's), but I still feel kind of lost. Maybe it's cuz I'm swamped with social media communities, and dont end up researching any in depth :P

Adam | Customer Experience
Adam | Customer Experience

Ah Jayme, I was not a victim of your freethinking but a lucky recipient... :) 


I've been a Triberr fan, since I was first invited into the PR Justice League by @EricaAllison I'm not in any "monster" tribes, so I don't know the dynamics there, but I think small tribes actually allow you to form very strong relationships. It's how you and I first got to know one another.


I like your bullet points. I will say that I don't really care about how influential someone is as much as the nature of their content. It has to be something that fits with what I tend to share and what I think followers would expect.


I prefer to call it being thoughtful and willing to jump back on board once those early, early kinks were worked out. You might recall, my sweets, I brought you on that train with me as I jumped back on board.


You know the main reason for my loyalty to Triberr? @dino_dogan  and Dan! They are #RockHot in their ability to listen, take the good with the bad, and work it out. Very proud of them!


Now, on the effectiveness of your tribes, they can become stuck if we're not careful. Present company included. I've long thought it's a good idea to shake up your tribes. Swap members or hop around from time to time (minds out of the gutter, people), just to keep your twitter feed from looking like a cast from the Who's Who of Marketing and PR peeps or the usual suspects from any one topic. 


I think change is a good thing and Dan and Dino are Aces at that one!


Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR moderator

Thanks to Team Blogjack! @Kaarina you get the gold for this one!


Wait, did I miss the train? They said to be here by 1, and I'm early!


So I'm starting my own tribe. Let's just say I'm experimenting with Triberr. I'm interested in joining with bloggers who have marketing smarts, but I don't want to talk primarily to the community of bloggers or the community of marketing people.


I'm happy to trade comments with bloggers I respect. But I also want to reach and engage business owners and managers who will benefit from our experience.


So there. 


Hey Jayme,


Good post. Great thoughts.


Listen, I am part of one of your tribes and I am certainly thankful for that but I have to say that I get more from the engagement on the blogs I visit than from Triberr. Having access to my community via Triberr is great but I am really only part of two tribes and the RT's are not really helping me that much. It seems kind of automatic. My sense was that a tribe was there to support each other and not just RT each other's content. Who knows, maybe my stuff is just crap.


I feel I have an obligation as part of my Triberr communities to share, visit and support regardless of what the content is. That's what I signed on for. Making a more discernible choice is certainly an option with future engagements but the question remains "how do you know that you will have a reciprocal relationship?".


The suggestions you have made are valid to me but I have to ask, can being too selective present a considerable challenge? Like Bill said the echo chamber is huge and quite frankly, in my 18 months of blogging experience (very little by some standards), I find it also fairly fickle. Today's echo is not going to be tomorrow's echo. Finding the unique thinkers who stay on the leading edge may be like finding a needle in a haystack.


I say make friends and share knowledge across disciplines. That's the way I have found that we all can learn a lot from each other. All that feeds into being strategic about the choices you make on who to stick with so good on ya for taking a stand.


Otherwise, just be social. Nothing wrong with that either.


Huh? So are you saying you will only belong to tribes with the 'right' people in it? And are you also saying you will only promote the 'dynamic' posts w/in your tribe so as not to contribute to the echo chamber? You do know how big that echo chamber is, right? Is it worth trying to be that 'fine?' Will it make any difference? Will it bring you fame and fortune? 


Why don't you be that 'influencer?'


I'm just asking; sounds like a whole bunch of strategery that will barely make a ripple in the pond. If someone wants to pimp my stuff, fine; if not, that's fine too. If you are in my tribe you will get pimped even if you do a post on the benefits of furniture polish.


I won't see Dino in NY, but plan on seeing him in Orlando this month on the 17th; with Mr Toporek.  Then I will be able to discover the secret sauce.........


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