When A Black Cloud Hits Your Business Psyche

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever look at the sky and see the black clouds roiling and churning up dismal and bleak sense of unbalance? Mother Nature has a way making that happen, and unfortunately, it happens to business owners, too.

When a black cloud of obstructionary (yep, coining) thoughts hits your business psyche, then everything is off balance until it’s not. This week, I’ve experienced that sense of forboding. Maybe it’s the time of year when there’s pressure to spend more money than you want on personal things and holidays. Perhaps it’s that constant feeling of playing catch up because there is never enough time to be the best social media buddy any more AND bring in the client work AND service it.

Perhaps it’s the fact that life happens and emotions get the best of us turning what was a solid pathway into a twisted, pot holed crevasse.

When all this kind of life happens and your business psyche are put at risk (because we all know a healthy mind, body and spirit make for an even healthier business), what are the things you do to take a turn for the better?

Here are 11 ways I try to deal with all things black cloud:

1. Cocoon and let the darkness slide in and around until it passes and the light comes on again. Don’t reach out to anyone unless it’s short conversations.

2. Stay away from topics on blogs that push buttons and don’t comment unless it’s neutral and positive.

3. Focus outward on others who need attention.

4. Belly laugh because it relieves stress immensely.

5. Eat comfort food like what I did for supper tonight — grilled cheese and tomato soup.

6. Hit the tennis court after working out the kinks on the treadmill and stretching to open the chakras.

7. Breathe in the nose deeply and slowly and breathe out the nose.

8. Watch mindless TV or read mindless books with no business connection.

9. Write a blog post to clear the head because bloggers are full of ideas and the mind becomes cluttered with topical tension.

10. Ask for a hug.

11. Call a friend and shed a few tears to detox.

Do you have certain things you do to ease tension and get your business back on track? When humans run businesses, it’s expected that human emotion can sometimes get in the way. It’s up to we as business owners to recognize the signs that emotion overdrive is hitting and put remedies in place to manage it.


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Great advice. Running is great therapy for me - helps clear the mind and refreshes my spirit. I can't stress enough the importance of physical activity!


Oh, and hugs. Big fan of those too. ;)


I screwed up yesterday, Jayme.

Yesterday? I completely bombed a radio interview. I blew it.


You know how seriously I take my journey here online, and it has brought me to our industry's attention in a minor but increasing way. I have been growing personally, professionally, ethically, intellectually, spiritually and every other possible way, since being online.


I thought I had a grip (I had been listening to the show prior to being live), but I didn't. I blew it. I was so offended and appalled by the conversation... Anyhow! There was this or that and the result was embarrassing on every level. It also bothered me at the thought of his comments and actions after and my own, of course, could damage all I had put forth these last two years.


I of course, decided I would write a post about it. I may be impetuous, but I am not stupid. (I say this a lot!) I was ashamed by something I had done, as a professional, and had promised to be very open and honest, and it did concern the company, and our social presence... (this is me, ranting to myself...)


As I was writing the post today, I realized, I was angry and offended all over again. He was wrong. The whole attitude of the subject, was wrong. I was still deeply regretful by my own actions, but I was also right. And it made me feel GOOD to be writing that post, not ashamed.


This is a great post, Jayme.

Julie K Brown
Julie K Brown

Coloring, I think coloring is very soothing... I do love me some comfort food though!

Rachel Minihan
Rachel Minihan

#2 - I should have done earlier this week.

#3 - I LOVE - yes, nothing takes the focus off oneself like helping someone else


My #12 - go for a run!  

My #13 - make lists.  Make a lot of lists.  Sort, organize, and list again.  Eventually, I get a handle on what's most important and where I need to get focused.  


Now, I really want grilled cheese for lunch - is that wrong?  Nice to know I'm not the only biz owner who gets engulfed at times :)


Hello, Jayme! 

Sorry to hear you're in the doldrums. 

My favorite "cure" for the blues (after I've eaten something chocolate, had a nap, and watched some mindless TV ... and sometimes had a good cry) is to MAKE SOMETHING.


It starts out sounding like work, but there's something so affirming about creating something. It re-grounds me somehow. Even if it's as simple as taking a few minutes to create a couple new images for Instagram or bake a loaf of banana bread ... making something always makes me feel better. 


But the chocolate/nap/TV/cry help, too. 


It's the holidays. Things are bound to get crazy. Don't beat yourself up for being down. Do what makes you feel better and roll with it, baby! 




Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR moderator

 @AlaskaChickBlog Can't believe I missed this so important comment. I feel for you, feel your pain, hear it in your writing. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience, Amber-Lee. Can you rectify it? Were you able to? 


I think the first step in the healing process with anything that is regarded as problematic is to figure out where  YOU sit with  your own values from the heart. Then, and only then, can you begin to fix, heal, and move on.


Sounds like you've done that? I so hope!! Thanks for sharing this here in a comfortable place; you know it's safe here. 

Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR moderator

 @Julie K Brown I have always loved coloring, Julie! And, a brand new box of Crayolas too, so I can put my nose right in them and imagine I'm a kid again!


Jayme, I love your energy and honesty. You put it all out there, and that's wonderful. 


And your fun to tease. (Ralph think's I'm a huge joker, he doesn't realize I'm just a sensitive guy hiding behind a fascade...) 

Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR moderator

 @Rachel Minihan Hi, Rachel!! I make my lists in my head. One thing I truly wish I could do was use Evernote.  Everyone raves, but although I'm a detail person, I'm not an organizational person. I've bought so many of those darn planners and Covey system, just to see that stuff sit empty. Frustrating!


And, as Josh says above -- it's exercise. I told my friend today, "if you ever hear me like I was yesterday, then tell me to take my fat ass to the gym!" 

Soulati | Hybrid PR
Soulati | Hybrid PR moderator

 @suddenlyjamie Just got off the tennis court in my weekly 90-minute clinic. I am so refreshed and so happy right now. Exercise is the answer for doldrums; yet, when you're feeling blue, getting my big fat arse off the chair is too hard. But, look what happens after; I know this to be true.


Biggest test is tomorrow when I play my first singles match after 15 years; OMG.


Thanks for sharing your tips, and I love to make food and give it to everyone; that is my ultimate therapy, too!