Using Indiegogo To Achieve Business Goals

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Pioneer Outfitters, Chisana, Alaska. Cubby burns.

This is a call for support for Stand For The Man in Black, an Indiegogo campaign being executed now by Pioneer Outfitters, the 90-year-old Alaska wilderness professional guides.

You may know Amber-Lee Dibble, aka “AL,” who is the voice of the blog for Pioneer Outfitters right here. If you follow her, you’ll see some #RockHot videography and photography from the confines of the Wrangell Mountains in the heart of the Alaska wilderness inaccessible by anything but air transport.

AL is a regular in these parts and everyone else’s too. I have watched her grow from baby sponge to bona fide digital marketer with a tremendous voice and passion to boot.

AL wrote in fall 2013 in The Happy Friday Series about the demise of Cubby, Pioneer Outfitters ancient World War II biplane (kidding), that caught on fire with no injuries to pilot and Master Guide Terry Overly aka The Man In Black.

What that meant was serious – no plane, no transport. No fuel, supplies, horse and livestock feed, medicine, emergency hospital runs, or aid to those stranded in Alaska blizzards.

About Indiegogo

Crowdfunding is not something everyone does, especially if you’re a small business in the confines of Alaska.

But, it’s very smart marketing. When you are survivalists without the comforts we take for granted living in the pristine terrain of Alaska with moose, wild horses, big bear, and other critters, crowdfunding is brilliant.

ALT="Pioneer Outfitters, Terry Overly, Amber-Lee Dibble"Stand For The Man In Black

AL launched an Indiegogo called Stand For The Man In Black about five days ago. Her campaign coffers are nearing $5,000 and her goal is $250,000.

I do encourage you to dig deep into your pocket and help a gal out. If there’s anyone who needs it, it is Master Guide Terry Overly and AL Dibble the frontlines of Pioneer Outfitters in Chisana, Alaska.

Help them get a new plane so they don’t starve through another harsh winter. Help them get the fuel and oil they need to ensure the animals are warm and families don’t freeze. Let them have groceries when they’re hungry, and help them continue to train new wilderness guides who are critical to surviving Alaska. Most of all think of how critical that plane is for someone having an emergency medical attack or when man or beast is lost on a glacier.

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